Scope of work

Scope of Work

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Proposed general work

Working from the client’s brief, IPRESCO medical writing services will provide the necessary elements both text and graphics to complete any evidence-based publicity/marketing campaign for a medicine or product commercialised by a pharmaceutical company or allied industry.

This includes (list non-exhaustive):

  • Scientific papers/reviews
  • Poster Presentations
  • Slides
  • Conference presentations
  • Product manuals
  • Training supports
  • Detail aids
  • Marketing/commercial literature
  • Press releases
  • News reports………….

Therapeutic areas include:

  • Nutrition, especially obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Immunology, especially allergy
  • HIV
  • Oncology
  • Hepatitis
  • Urology
  • Haematology
  • Cardiology
  • Microbial/viral infections
  • Cystic fibrosis………..

IPRESCO will work from original clinical data, previous/current marketing materials &/or selected scientific papers provided by the client. Where appropriate, IPRESCO will suggest the inclusion of other materials that, in our opinion, support and strengthen the client’s argument.

IPRESCO can undergo internet research following the client’s direction to increase the resources available for the creation of a project.

IPRESCO will also edit near-finalised texts for English.

IPRESCO has all the necessary tools to complete these tasks, including computers, computer programmes, internet connections, office space, telephone and fax etc.

The finalised materials will be delivered, unless requested otherwise, in electronic format; Word, Reference Manager, Power Point, Excel etc.


IPRESCO will take responsibility for the standard of English language in all projects we are involved with. However, although we are happy to proof read and make suggestions, final layout, design, approval and printing of all supports and materials resides with the client.

Lines of Communication

Your contact is Jane MacDougall:

Telephone: 01 58 84 25 56

Mobile: 06 60 63 05 36

Fax: 01 43 05 46 19



Jane MacDougall has been a freelance medical writer/journalist since 2003. IPRESCO was set up in July 2006. Projects have been successfully completed for numerous pharmaceutical clients in many different therapeutic fields. She is a regular contributor to the Wiley publication, Hospital Post.

Project work flow

No project will be started until a detailed, preferably written, brief has been received from the client.

Once the brief has been agreed, including the deliverables and deadlines, IPRESCO will provide a quotation for the work to be undertaken. This is based on our experience of the time necessary to complete a given task.

The quotation will only be considered as accepted when a purchase order (or equivalent) is received.

Work will then start within the agreed timelines of the project.

We would like at least one contact at the agency for queries or unforeseen problems that may crop up while work is in progress.

Any changes needed because of IPRESCO’s misunderstanding of the brief will be corrected immediately as will any other changes requested by the agency.

One round of client changes/corrections would also be envisaged.

An invoice will be issued when the project is completed to the client’s satisfaction.

Time to completion

Will be agreed at original brief and confirmed in the quotation.


IPRESCO maintains high standards of quality and is receptive to all criticism of our work both positive and negative. We value constructive input from everyone involved in the project our aim is to produce the result the client really wants.


We charge by the hour. Depending on the size and scope of the project we can give you a written proposal to be agreed in advance.

Additional expenses

IPRESCO does not charge for travel within the Ile-de-France or telephone communications either national or international.

Any travel required outside of the Parisian area is at the client’s expense.


An invoice with 28-day payment terms will be sent to your accounting department on completion of each project.


IPRESCO is a trademark of IP Research Consulting.

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