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    Conference/meeting summaries                                                                     back to top

    It is important to keep clients informed of meetings and congresses, IPRESCO is available to attend conferences and write newsletters or summaries of the sessions. This year we have attended and summarised conferences in urology and cardiology for clients.

    Continuing education programmes                                                                   back to top

    IPRESCO excels in this feature of modern healthcare. Over the past year we have contributed to major campaigns for eczema and venous thromboembolism (VTE). IPRESCO has created slide presentations, meeting guides, handouts and posters, which increase awareness and suggest possible therapeutic solutions. Working closely with clients we can ensure your message is conveyed clearly to your target audience whether, physicians, nurses or patients.

    Journal articles                                                                                                     back to top  

    IPRESCO produces reviews &/or original articles for publication in peer-reviewed journals either from your raw data or from earlier drafts. We always communicate with the named authors,  providing an outline with suggested bibliography for general agreement, before we start writing. We can also suggest appropriate journals for publication, communicating with the journal to ensure all the steps necessary to publication. This year our clients have published in Allergy, Annals of Oncology and  Anti Cancer Drugs.

    Poster presentations                                                                                           back to top

    IPRESCO can write the text and help design the graphics to showcase your data for poster presentation at scientific meetings. Recently we have provided posters for the American Society of Oncology 2006 conference.

    Press releases                                                                                                       back to top

    We can write or edit your press releases to help communicate your latest results or news to the international media.

    Sales training materials                                                                                     back to top

    At IPRESCO we can turn your ideas into reality. Producing  training guides, information sheets, objection handlers and presentations to help prepare your sales team for the most competitive of markets. Recent sales campaigns have included products for eczema and obesity.

    Slide kits                                                                                                                 back to top

    Clear, well-planned slides that convey key messages are essential for good communication. IPRESCO has developed a number of slide kits in immunology, dermatology and oncology. We strive for unambiguous, concise content, simple visuals and can also provide upbeat, informative notes with a complete bibliography.

    Web pages                                                                                                               back to top





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